Moduł Biomechaniki


Biomechanical Module is the combined efforts of bionic, engineering, and synthetic specialists to create the most advanced equipment, prosthetics, mech vehicles, and augmentations for the Authority. It is no exaggeration to call Biomech the spearhead of biological augmentation in all of the world. While the governments of the world may turn to the crude piloting of drones as their cutting future, Biomech knows that the future belongs to the humans, and only through strengthening our own selves may we see the dawn of the next era.

Biomechanical is one of the most autonomous subdivisions, as the main developer, manufacturer, distributor, and ultimately the primary user, of their own goods; they have a lot of leeway in how their budget is spent and which departments receive their newest prototypes and models. While often their equipment is distributed to those with the most need for it, most commonly Protectorate, occasionally they hold auctions for their most ambitious prototypes, exchanging money for the exclusive rights to test out their new designs. This entrepreneurial spirit is how Biomechanical Module is one of the most internally profitable and productive departments of the Authority, for which they have received great benefits from Financial Affairs.

Biomech's prosthetics are their hallmark within the Authority. To lose a limb is one thing, but Biomechanical works miracles; within days, they can create a limb in the exact same shape, size, and weight as your old one, but with three hundred and sixty degrees of movement and the certainty of steel. In recent years, Biomech has even offered full-body prosthetics, which can link to the user's nervous system and act just as their old body would. No one has yet taken them up on that offer, however, so it remains theoretical.

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